Lie Down with Dogs Rise Up with Fleas

I got an en­ter­tain­ing slate card in the mail from “COPS”. Here’s the on­line ver­sion:
COPS Voter Guide — Title. It lists both Karen Pfeifer and Robert Studdiford. This makes sense for Karen who has al­ways pre­sented a Nixonian law-and-or­der (yet some­how “pro­gres­sive”) face in school pol­i­tics: po­lice on cam­pus, school uni­forms, hard­line on keep­ing kids out of grad­u­a­tion who haven’t pass CAHSEE yet, etc. Except for the fact that Robert is be­ing fi­nanced by the same “Its all about the kids” ma­chine, I don’t see much of a fit for Robert on this un­less he’s changed a lot over the cam­paign.

But, the truly in­ter­est­ing part is that the slate card en­dorses propo­si­tion 8, and I know nei­ther of them sup­ports 8. Ah, po­etic jus­tice. You can’t buy every­thing.