In the Chronicle: Disabled students required to pass exit exam

This ar­ti­cle just showed up in the Chroncle: Disabled stu­dents re­quired to pass exit exam. While the main fo­cus is the fact that spe­cial ed. ad­vo­cates lost their at­tempt to ex­empt spe­cial ed. kids from the California re­quire­ment for pass­ing the exit exam to get a diploma, what caught my eye is this:

He said the an­tic­i­pated set­tle­ment will pro­vide tu­tor­ing for each se­nior in spe­cial ed­u­ca­tion for two years af­ter grad­u­a­tion day at a cost to the state of $525 per pupil each year.

We are in the mid­dle of a bud­get cri­sis. Yet, through a le­gal set­tle­ment in­stead of through a leg­isla­tive act, a new in­crease in cat­e­gor­i­cal (re­stricted) funds has been en­acted pre­sum­ably to be de­ducted from the gen­eral (dwin­dling) un­re­stricted funds for ed­u­ca­tion. This kind of cir­cum­ven­tion of the po­lit­i­cal process to make fis­cal and pol­icy de­ci­sions through court set­tle­ments is one of my pet peeves.


In the ar­ti­cle af­ter the de­ci­sion (State asked to study spe­cial-ed exam fail­ures), it turns out the re­quire­ment is a lit­tle dif­fer­ent. The State Department of Education is sup­posed to de­mand money to study how to mod­ify test­ing for spe­cial ed kids. If the money isn’t forth­com­ing, the suit is back on.