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El Cerrito Dem Club Candidate Forum Open to Public


The August 2014 ECDC Candidate Forum

Come to this open public event on Saturday, August 27 for anyone to hear and ask questions of candidates for local races that the El Cerrito Democratic Club takes a position on, like the race for two seats on the West Contra Costa USD Board and the race for the Area 1 seat on the Contra Costa County Board of Education.

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Lineup for the 2016 Contra Costa Board of Ed. Race for Area 1


The lineup is set in the Contra Costa County Board of Education 2016 race for Area 1 that includes most of the West Contra Costa Unified School District:

  • Pam Mirabella
  • Elaine R. Merriweather
  • Fatima S. Alleyne

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The Lineup Is Set for the WCCUSD 2016 Race


The lineup is set for the WCCUSD 2016 race for two board seats:

  • Antonio Alvarez Medrano
  • Mister Phillips
  • Don Gosney
  • Carlos Taboada
  • Tom Panas
  • Miriam Stephanie Sequeira
  • Ayana Young

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And Then There Were 4 – Pam Mirabella Actually Has to Run

summary_08-04-16_listofcand_web.pdf 2016-08-11 00-54-26

I thought Pam Mirabella would finally retire after 28 years as a Contra Costa County Board of Education Trustee for Area 1 (including most or all of the West Contra Costa USD over the years). Then last year I started getting campaign e-mails from her. I was puzzled that she was making such an effort thinking that she could probably die in office if she wanted with little effort. This was seemingly confirmed as she pulled and filed papers to run on the first day of the filing period then stood alone for two weeks as the only candidate. Yesterday, when I checked again, everything changed. Three competitors suddenly appeared to at least pull papers. So, let’s look at this.

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Contradictions in the Controversy over Charters


One of the interesting tensions in charter school battles is between progressives who look at charter schools as just a conspiracy of businessmen and, on the other hand, black and Latino people who see black and Latino students getting an education they wouldn’t otherwise. The progressives often seem to regard these people as deluded dupes. While often aligning with progressives otherwise, the people themselves, in this case, just want results.

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