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From time to time, I send out e-mails that are like posts addressed to public officials or to someone about a public issue. I’ve started collecting these here on this page instead of trying to make them blog posts:

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  1. Hey there:

    There are a few questions I have for you.
    With the End Game still not responded to and the rising concern of parents for schools that may not be rebuilt or remodeled as money runs out, I was wondering if you knew:
    For the six Bond Measures, which schools were included in the ballot language for each measure?
    Has the District kept its promise for the schools to be rebuilt or remodeled for the six measures?
    Was the ballot language so ambivalent that the District can justify not doing what the voter thought they would do?
    I will ask these questions of the district but I first wanted to pick your brain.
    Hope you’re enjoying your Post-CBOC life.

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