WCCUSD Candidate Forums

These are pub­lic can­di­date fo­rums for WCCUSD that I know of. (If I’m miss­ing some­thing, tell me with a com­ment.) On this page, I show my WCCUSD Candidate Forums” Google cal­en­dar as a stan­dard em­bed­ded list of events that can be viewed in dif­fer­ent ways and printed. But, first, here’s a link to an event map dy­nam­i­cally gen­er­ated from the cal­en­dar us­ing Chad Norwood’s ex­cel­lent Google Calendar Map (GCM) web app.

6 thoughts on “WCCUSD Candidate Forums

  1. Wow, so many can­di­date fo­rums! It’s great to have so much op­por­tu­nity to hear from the can­di­dates. Too bad that, based on fo­rums that I’ve gone to so far, not a sin­gle one of them is re­ally stand­ing out.

  2. Added an­other fo­rum for group of par­ents us­ing space from Building Blocks for Kids in Iron Triangle: Oct. 21.

  3. The 9/​26 Black Women Organized for Political Action/​Praise Fellowship Bible Church Candidate Forum was can­celed be­cause of a con­flict with an­other “can­di­date fo­rum”. 🙂 No new date has been set yet.

  4. The ad­dress for the Christ Lutheran Senior Center Candidate Forum (Oct. 24) has been changed to 780 Ashbury Avenue, El Cerrito, CA, United States (Christ Lutheran Church).

  5. A tech­ni­cal note: I had to mod­ify some pa­ra­me­ters in the de­fault URL for the mapping/​calendar mashup to work bet­ter. I set “sd” to “-1”, so it would dis­play an event hap­pen­ing to­day (de­fault “0” is to not). I set “ed” to a larger num­ber, “60”, so the end­ing date for dis­play would be pushed out past the elec­tion.

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