Candidate Contact Info

This page in­cludes can­di­date con­tact info for cer­tain races in the November 2016 elec­tion in West Contra Costa County. It in­cludes the can­di­dates for the West Contra Costa Unified School District (WCCUSD) Board of Education. It also in­cludes the can­di­dates for races in the two elec­toral dis­tricts of the Contra Costa County (CCC) Board of Education that in­clude WCCUSD, Area 1 (most of WCCUSD) and Area 2 (much less of WCCUSD). (See this map for the bound­aries.)


  • Website” is the main web ad­dress for the can­di­date how­ever hosted — any­thing from a tra­di­tional web­site to a Facebook page.
  • The can­di­dates’ names are linked to the candidate’s LinkedIn pro­file if I can find it.
  • This page will be con­tin­u­ously up­dated as new in­for­ma­tion ar­rives.

WCCUSD Board of Education

Antonio Alvarez MedranoSan
Mister PhillipsRichmondinfo@misterphillips.comlink
Carlos TaboadaPinole1carloxt@gmail.comlink
Tom PanasEl Cerritotmpanas@yahoo.comlink
Miriam Stephanie SequeiraRichmondmssequeira16@gmail.comlink
Ayana YoungHerculesayana@akyounglaw.comlink

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CCC Board of Education, Area 1

Pam MirabellaEl CerittoPam4allstudents@gmail.comlink
Elaine R. MerriweatherRichmondelainemerriweather@gmail.comlink
Fatima S. AlleyneRichmondElectFatima@gmail.comlink

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CCC Board of Education, Area 2

This seat isn’t up for elec­tion till 2018.