This blog is really an outgrowth of the “wccusdtalk” Yahoo discussion list, which I set up and moderated initially. As I have participated in this list, I have noticed a tendency for people to do various things that I would consider blogging (long essay-like posts, thinking out loud, etc.), instead of the more direct conversational style that fits the model of the mailing list better.

My suggestion that bloggers use a blog didn’t meet much of a reception, but it did get me to thinking that this would be great to do myself. With a blog I can miss a whole conversation that has passed by on wccusdtalk and still put in my two cents in as blog entry. Or, summarize a done thread. Or, post an article because it seems more appropriate here than as a mailing list posting. I can also constantly edit my postings. And, postings are also more findable on the Internet. It goes on…

I haven’t given up on wccusdtalk, though. I look at blogging as a complement to posting.

Why This Blog
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